Founded in ……. Bart’s Belgium Chocolate was born to bring luxury Belgium chocolate to Ireland.

We are passionate about quality Belgium chocolate and celebrating its delicacy and creativity. Our two brands, Dolfin and Cachet are master chocolatiers who blend extraordinary flavours to create truly exceptional Belgium chocolate.

We take pride in the quality and sustainability of our chocolate which has only natural flavours and 100% pure cocoa butter chocolate. Our chocolate does not contain hydrogenated fats or genetically modified agents are used meaning you can enjoy chocolate as it should be, naturally.

Our award winning range offers something for every chocolate lover from extra dark bars to hot chocolate shards. Whether you succumb to the melt-away praline or crunch of a tablet, it is impossible to resist such delicacy of the range.

Our chocolatiers…


Since 1989, Dolfin has crafted surprising combinations that result in exquisite, rounded flavours free from added sugars and fats. They mix high quality natural ingredients directly into the chocolate mass. Fruits, spices, flowers and great confectionary classics are subtly and harmoniously incorporated into the best traditional chocolate. All chocolates are exclusively produced in workshops in Baulers (Nivelles).




Belgian chocolate that cares about people and the environment. Cachet creates chocolates with the highest respect for Belgian traditions using the finest ingredients. With an exquisite Organic range combining flavours with intense dark bars, Cachet offers sustainable chocolate that is both good for you and the environment. Explore this range to discover your new favourite.