Cachet Pear & Almonds


  • Brand: Cachet
  • Cocoa: 57%
  • Chocolate: Dark
  • Flavour: Pear & Almonds
  • weight: 100 gram Bar
  • Type: bar
  • sustainability: Cocoa for Schools

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Cachet Pear & Almonds

Description of the Cachet Pear & Almonds

Cachet Pear & Almonds is a true intensely rewarding experience.

The satisfying nutty crunch of the thin sliced roasted almonds and the subtle hint of pear comes together in perfect harmony.

This exquisite combination is based on an old traditional Belgian desert recipe where they use poached pears with vanilla ice cream and cover all this with melted dark chocolate…

  • Cachet Dark 57% Cocoa
  • Pear & Almonds
  • 100 gram Bar
  • Cocoa for Schools

How does it taste like?

A great Belgian quality premium chocolate wit an excellent taste.

A sweet taste of the pear supported by the roasted almonds balances he refined strong taste of the 57% dark chocolate. A combination which is very rare but loved by many.

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