Dolfin Flakes Milk Caramel


  • Brand: Dolfin
  • Chocolate: Milk 33%
  • Flavour: Caramel
  • Weight: 200 gram
  • Type: Flakes
  • Sustainability: CO2 neutral production environment


Dolfin Flakes Milk Caramel

Dolfin Flakes Milk Caramel will delight your senses with their beauty without artifice whether you love chocolate sprinkled on ice-cream, on a slice of bread, in a crunchy mousse or simply with a spoonIdeal for hot chocolate or for a chocolate mousse or in a recipe for your favourite cake, it effuses rounded, generous and quite fruity flavours.

For who is are these Dolfin chocolate flakes?

  • Hot chocolate lovers
  • people who love desserts
  • for lovers of creative cuisine

How can you get the most out of these chocolate flakes?

Ideally sipped from a small cup, it stimulates the senses with its authentic unadulterated splendour.

Most people use these chocolate flakes for:

  • cooking
  • desserts
  • hot chocolate
  • cappuccino

Why you should buy these chocolate flakes?

Doflin Flakes Milk Caramel is a perfect solution for preparing:

  • chocolate mousse
  • delicate chocolate desserts
  • cakes
  • Hot chocolate and cappuccino

What style chocolate will you get?

An irresistible blend of rich, sweet milk chocolate and buttery caramel.

These chocolate flakes are:

  • sweet
  • rich
  • creamy
  • mild


sugar, cocoa butter, milk powder, cocoa mass, caramel powder (4.9%), natural vanilla, emulsifier: soy lecithin, Cocoa solids: 33%.

Allergens and the Dolfin Flakes Milk Caramel

This product contains soy &. May contain traces of tree nuts, milk, wheat and eggs.

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