chocolate dolfin 30 gramcarnet de voyage
chocolate dolfin 30 gramcarnet de voyage

Dolfin Pink Peppercorn


  • Brand: Dolfin
  • Chocolate: Dark 60%
  • Flavour: Pink Peppercorn
  • Weight: 30 gram
  • Type: Bar
  • Sustainability: CO2 neutral production enviroment

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The main characteristics of Dark Pink Peppercorn

Very different flavours that come together to create a quite gentle alchemy, which becomes aromatic,spicy and hot.

The fantastic tasting 60% dark chocolate in combination with the spicy pink peppercorns from Brasil makes this bar of exquisite chocolate a top seller in the Dolfin range.

Using spices in chocolate is quite difficult if the spice is very strong in flavour. Many chocolate bars with spices are to overpowering in taste and it becomes difficult to taste and enjoy the chocolate itself.

Finding the balance between the right amount of spice and the dark chocolate is an art Dolfin is famous for.

There’s simply is no better one then this one. Start and discover the mysterious Dolfin range.



cocoa mass, sugar, cocoa butter, pink peppercorns 1%, emulsifier: soy lecithin, natural vanilla flavouring. Minimum cocoa solids: 60%.

Allergens and the Dolfin Dark Pink Peppercorn

This product contains soy. May contain traces milk of tree nuts, wheat and eggs.

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