Milk Cooking Chocolate with Almonds



  • Product: BIG chocolate bar.
  • Brand: Cachet
  • Cocoa: 32%
  • Chocolate: Milk
  • Flavour: Almond Crunch
  • Weight: 300 gram
  • Type: Bar
  • Sustainability: Cocoa for Schools





Cachet Milk Chocolate with Almonds 300 gram

What is the Cachet Milk Chocolate with Almonds 300 gram 

We believe that enjoying Cachet chocolate should always be a pleasure. It is a Belgian chocolate brand of premium chocolate.The range has endless surprises for every chocolate lovers. Whether you succumb to the melt-away praline or you crunch a tablet or filled bar, it is impossible to resist such delicacy and creativity.

What happens when you mingle the delicate taste of smooth milk chocolate is combined with the delicate crunch of almond? A pure burst of delicious delight! The almond crunch contrasts elegantly with the smoothness of the milk chocolate for an experience like no other.

Try Cachet’s Milk Chocolate with Almonds 300 gram bar on it’s own or with a recipe for a depth of texture.


  • Cocoa butter
  • Cocoa mass
  • Dried whole milk
  • emulsifier: soya lecithin
  • Milk chocolate: cocoa solids min 32% – milk solidsmin
  • Natural vanilla flavouring
  • Almonds
  • Sugar

Additional information

Weight 300 g

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